Saturday, June 8, 2013


Schemata Theory is a new band that hails from U.K. and "Dry Lung Rhetoric" is their debut album. The band consists of Myles Dyer on lead vocals, Luke Wright on vocals, Huw Roch on lead guitars, Mario Scinto on rhythm guitars, Carl Quanstrom on bass and Joshua Baretto on drums.

Schemata Theory's music is a mix of U.K.'s metal sound along with thrashy riffs, nice solos, soaring and aggressive vocal lines, a tight songwriting with some modern elements as well. The album starts with the incredible melody of the instrumental track "A Dark Dawn" and continues with the 'thrashy' and punchy "Perish Of Prevail" which in some parts reminds me Shotgun Messiah of "Violent New Breed". "A Complex Slate", the band's first video, has a really nice riff, it features both of clean and 'brutal' vocal lines and includes a superb melody. One of the album's highlights. Another great sample of Schemata Theory's music skills is the impressive instrumental tune of "Crisis Unveiled". Progressive lines mixed with some great melodic pinches and some amazing guitar work in this awesome cut. "Your Belief" is a beautiful piano-driven ballad while in "A Brighter Future" we have another stunning instrumental tune.

Closing, I have to say that these guys here achieved to impressd me with their debut attempt. As you already know by now, I'm not a big fan of 'brutal' or dirty, if you prefer, vocal performances; but here, the clever mix of many heavy elements create a very enjoyable and interesting album from start to finish. 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7,5/10 

Track List :
1. A Dark Dawn (2:08)
2. Perish or Prevail (4:39)
3. Drones (4:52)
4. Emergence (5:12)
5. A Complex Slate (4:44)
6. Six into Three (4:59)
7. Shedding Skin (5:31)
8. Crisis Unveiled (9:36)
9. Your Belief (4:58)
10. A Brighter Future (2:20)
11. The Final Breath (8:49) 

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