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Xander Demos is a high-energy rock and metal guitar player from Pittsburgh, PA. He currently fronts his own solo band, as well as playing lead guitar for Pittsburgh’s favorite party rock outfit, Into The Arena

Xander performs in excess of 100 times a year, and he is active in recording collaborations with artists from all over the world. Xander’s style ranges from the beautifully melodic to the jaw-droppingly insane. His playing encompasses much of what he has learned and absorbed from other players over the years. One constant in his music is a focus on strong guitar melodies.

Xander Demos has been making quite the name for himself and his solo band by appearing as support for acts like Adrenaline Mob, Buckethead, UFO, Lizzy Borden, Kip Winger, Neil Zaza and Dio DisciplesXander Demos recently joined James Rivera’s Sabbath Judas Sabbath tribute band, which will tour on the east coast of the US this year.

I have to say that I'm really impressed by this release!! This guy can play some serious music!! That's for sure!! The result is stunning either this concerns some melodic parts or some really impressive shredding!! While 'Guitarcadia" is an instrumental album, it contains a couple of vocal numbers such as the brilliant opening tune of "Boys Of Summer" (Don Henley cover) and the very good "Under A Darkened Sky". I know what you are thinkin' of now; only two vocal songs and the rest instrumental? It seems kinda of boring!! Believe me it's not boring at all!! In my humble opinion, an instrumental album has to have a variety of songs to keep the listener's interest alive. 'Guitarcadia' really has it all; from the Satriani-esque "Chase The Sun" to the huge 'Right Angels' and the ultra melodic 'Lady In Red'. This release has it all to listen to again and again!! 

Overall, I have to say that this album is not only for guitar sound lovers. This guy has it all! Except his skills as a guitarist, he achieves to compose some incredible tunes. A guitarist must play his music from his heart and Xander Demos is playing with heart and soul and that is a thing that reflects to his music! Congratulations!
HeavyParadise's Rating : 8,5 /10 

Track List : 
  1. Right Angles
  2. Nothing Major
  3. Under A Darkened Sky
  4. White Knuckle Driving
  5. Guitarcadia
  6. Woodshed Sonata
  7. Boys Of Summer
  8. Chase The Sun
  9. Metagalactic
  10. Lady In Red

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