Sunday, March 11, 2012

The fire burns brightly: Our new album “Firebirth” will be released on 1st. June – the first with Nic Maeder.

This is what the band states in their official site : "Dear Fans, We are in the final stages of the production of the new album “Firebirth”, which will be released on 1st June. It is the first album with our new singer Nic Maeder which I’m sure is eagerly awaited. The album was recorded in the bands own Yellow House Studio, in Lugano, Switzerland. It was produced by Leo and Paul Lani, who has previously worked with GOTTHARD on earlier albums, (incl. “G-spot” and “Homerun”).

With “Firebirth” our hearts and souls are afire once more: The new songs sweep like a raging storm from the mountain with their riveting, earthy character that leaves us with a big smile. We are really happy with the new album. The songwriting with Leo, Nic and Freddy was a real explosion of inspiration and new ideas! Regarding sound and production, we have returned to our roots and we deliberately produced it with a pure - and for Gotthard - typical sound. For us, FIREBIRTH is the comeback album with the rating: BACK TO BASIC !”

Working with Nic feels really good – it feels as though we have known each other for ever and the euphoria in us is now burning like a new fire. It is a true rebirth of the zest of 20 years ago, when we took off “to conquer the world”. We are very proud of our new baby, Nic: The positive feedback from the Gotthard fans after the release of “Remember It’s Me” was absolutely amazing. Thank you very much! Now I am looking forward to the reaction to our first album together. The chemistry in the band feels fantastic and we are very much looking forward to being onstage in a couple of weeks and rocking with our fans. I am prepared to do my best for myself but more so for our fans.

The tour starts in May in South America and there we will play a warm-up tour before we will perform at several well-known European festivals. The German live premiere will be on 14th July as co-headliner in the “Bang Your Head” festival in Balingen. The first Swiss concert will be “Moon and Stars” in Locarno. A big headliner tour is already planned for the autumn round the halls of Europe. All of us from Gotthard are really looking forward to seeing you at our concerts and want to thank you again for your trust, support and patience. You are simple unique.

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