Monday, June 27, 2011


Voodoo Highway is hailing from Italy. The band is considerd as one of the most successfull hard rock acts in this country. They were originally formed in spring 2010 and they immediately recorded their first EP "This Is Rock n' Roll, Cocks!" which had an important number of sales and attracted the attention of important names of rock music's history as Craig Gruber (ELF, Rainbow, Gary Moore e.t.c.) who said that : "the new movement of Heavy Metal has arrived! This band is the next Deep Purple".

So, nowadays, the band is releasing their first full-length album titled "Broken Uncle's Ihn". The sound of Voodoo Highway is the perfect mix of the hard rock of the 70's-80's with a more fresh air! There are plenty of melodies, catchy choruses and, overall, their music is simple and well-played. "Till It Bleeds" is the track which opens the album and is a great way to kick off things here! A traditional hard rock tune with an 80's feeling and a huge chorus line! Really impressive song! "The Fire Will Burn Away" is another perfect sample of what this band is capable of doin'. A smooth heavy rocker with a darker mood and an inspired riff. "J.C. Superfuck" continues at the same level as the previous two tracks with a groovier vibe this time. "Window" is an ok tune while "Running Around" is a hard hittin Deep Purple-ish track and probably one of the best tracks from "Broken Uncle's Ihn". The rest of the tracks are all well-played without loosing any of the energy of the previous ones except of the "Heaven With No Stars" which is more laid back with a really nice melody line.

Bottom line is that VOODOO HIGHWAY's debut album is one of the biggest surprises of this year. My opinion is that this band has a bright future and with albums like this one they have a lot more to offer. They really have the talent and this is showed in their music. Very good tracks, tight musicianship and attitude all these plus a lot of more in "Broken Uncle's Ihn" album that deserves your attention! Two thumbs up!

HeavyParadise's Rating : 8/10

TRACK LIST :   01. Intro (Since 1972), 02. Till It Bleeds, 03. The Fire Will Burn Away, 04. J.c. Superfuck, 05. Window, 06. Running Around, 07. Broken Uncle's Inn, 08. Heaven with No Stars, 09. Gasoline Woman, 10. In Fact It's the Worst