Monday, June 27, 2011


FAITHSEDGE is a newcomer to the melodic hard rock world! But none of its member are new in business. Lead singer and founding member of Faithsedge Giancarlo Floridia, may be the least recognizable member of the band, but he has worked with Mike Talanca (David Bowie, Foreigner) and Juan Croucier (Ratt). Guitarist Alex De Rosso is know from his work with legendery hard rock band Dokken but, also, as a solo artist. Well-respected producer and bass player Fabrizio Grossi has helped a lot of bands during his career and last but not least Tony Morra on drums has worked with Van Zant.  The mastering of the album has the signature of the mighty Tom Baker who is known from his work with Motley Crue and Judas Priest.

So, with an impressive line-up like this you can't go wrong with Faithsedge's debut release. The fact is that this year has offered to us, so far, some really impressive albums. This one has everything that a melodic hard rock or even a heavier edged fan could ask for. It has energy, great tracks, a tight musicianship, passionate performances and a solid guitar work from a very talented guitarist! Some of the highlights of the album are the groovier high energy tune of "Take You Away", the Ratt-influenced "That's What Happened To Us", my personal favourite "When It Rains" and "Even If".

Overall, this is a very interesting release which is gettin' better and better with each listening. The guys achieved to combine the glory 80's heavy rock sound with some melodic hard rock elements of the 00's but, also, some proggressive touches as well and offer a solid release. Well done!!

HeavyParadise's Rating :8/10

TRACK LIST : 01 - Another Chance, 02 - There's Still Hope, 03 - Let It End This Way, 04 - World Keeps Falling Down, 05 - Even If, 06 - Hold On, 07 - Take You Away, 08 - Somewhere In Your Heart, 09 - That's What Happened To Us, 10 - Faith-Anne, 11 - When It Rains

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