Sunday, December 12, 2010

NELSON / Perfect Storm – After the Rain World Tour 1991 (2010)

After the simply amazing brand new Nelson album, the very good with some rare demos stuff "Before The Rain", we have, also, another lost gem from the Nelson brothers! "Perfect Storm – After the Rain World Tour 1991" is called this live album and it's a damn good one! It has all the feeling and attitude that a hair metal act had back then!

With some high skilled virtuoso musicians such as Bobby Rock on drums, Brett Garsed on guitar, Paul Mirkovich on Keys and vocals and the addition of Joey Cathcart on vocals and second lead guitar, what you got is a 4 part harmony, tight musicianship, twin frontmen, and most importantly some really superb songs. As you can see from the track list, in this live the Nelson brothers are performing their successful "After The Rain" album! Nelson played venues ranging in size from 1,200 to 60,000 seats between 1990-1992 from New York to Tokyo, sharing the stage with some great other bands and had some great openers, including House Of Lords, Tyketto, Enuff Z’nuff, Cinderella and Lynch Mob.

"Perfect Storm – After the Rain World Tour 1991" includes every big hit from the "After The Rain" album; "(Can’t Live Without Your) Love And Affection", "Everywhere I Go", "After The Rain" and "More Than Ever" are all superb melodic hard rock tracks from that era and some of the Nelson's biggest hits ever! Also, this live includes a very interesting bonus track, "Keep One Heart". Bottom line is that this is another must have for the fans of that great band! It's sad that this album came out in 2010 and not earlier. But who knows maybe in the near future we will have a live DVD ?...Only time will tell....
HeavyParadise's Rating: 8/10

track list:

1. On With The Show! 2. Fill You Up 3. More Than Ever 4. Only Time Will Tell 5. Uluru [Brett Garsed's instrumental] 6. Will You Love Me 7. (Can’t Live Without Your) Love And Affection 8. Two Heads Are Better Than One 9. Bits And Pieces 10. After The Rain 11. The Legend [Bobby Rock's instrumental] 12. Thank You And Goodnight 13. Interlude 14. Everywhere I Go 15. Keep One Heart [studio Bonus Track]

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