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Interview with Coldspell's guitarist Michael Larsson

Coldspell comes from the land of "ice and snow" up in the north of Sweden. The band was formed in 2005 by guitarist and songwritter, Michael Larsson. Together with Niclas Swedentrop, Andres Kebbe Lindmark, Perra Johansson and Matti Eklund, they are ready to rock your world and impress you with their own brand of hard rock. Their debut album, "Infinite Stargaze", was a fine piece of hard rock album and combined old school hard rock with a "fresh" and updated hard rock sound.
Below you can read a very interesting interview of, Coldspell's 'mastermind', Micke Larsson. He talks about their debut album, today's hard rock scene and their new album!!
-Hello Michael! I would like to thank you for givin' me the chance for this interview!

You´re welcome , im honoured! Im the one say thanks! :))

-Firstly, can you tell me some things about the band's creation?

Yes well this band took its form in 2005 as ColdSpell but I guess it started in my head many years before that,haha! ColdSpell I can say is the little "brainchild" of mine and Im so pleased that we did get this band goin and just love every thing about it. We had some changes in the line-up but me, the singer and keyboard player is still the same since the beginning! To this new line-up we have on drums Perra J that played with many topartists in Sweden over the years and on bass we have my old friend from the time we played in the band RAW back in the -90´s

-"Infinite Stargaze" was, and still is, a great piece of hard rock. You guys have achieved to combine the classic hard rock sound with a more "fresh' air! Also, your debut album have received some great reviews all over the net. Are you satisfied with the result of your first effort?

Yes I must say that we are overwhelmed with all the great reviews, albumtoplists and radio that this album did and still gets even tough its almost 2 years since the release! Im glad you say that about "Classic hardrock with fresh sound" that was my goal to have that melodic classic hardrock thing but maybe with a more up to date sound with some metal/progressive stuff too and I must say that Tommy Hansen did an amazing work on this album. He has done some amazing stuff over the years with bands like TNT, Halloween, Pagans Mind, Pretty Maids, Jorn.....!
-Who, except of the band, has involved in with the recording of your debut?

As I mentioned , Tommy Hansen did the mix and master of the album and we recorded it in Sweden with Pelle Saether at studio Underground.

-If you had to pick three songs from "Infinite Stargaze", which would they be?

Tough choice sespecially when every song has its own place in my heart but I´d say "Keep on believin" guess thats our "anthem"! haha. It has that classic hardrock thing with some metal stuff and a powerful chorus. "Straight things out" is also a kickass hardrocker that I love doin live! But my personal favourite is "Eye of the storm" its a very personal and epic song wich is about the lost of someone very near.

-Which are your influences?

I guess im in to everything as long as its good! :)) Influences is everything from Hendrix, Purple, Sabbath, Rainbow to -80´s hardrockbands and so on......! Of course I have to say that Ronnie James Dio always had a special place in my heart , Kings X is also a band that I just love and that goes for bands like Whitesnake, Dream Theater, Symphony x and many more!

-Nowadays, with so many webzines, web-radio stations, sites e.t.c do you think that it's easier for a band to promote its music?

I sure do think that! Its easier to spread the music but then on the other side the fact is that there are thousands and thousands of bands out there so you better be good! :)) . But these awesome webzines and web-radio stations makes it a lot easier for bands like us to get our music out and reach out to fans and get new ones!
-Do you think that with bands such as Coldspell, Grand Design, H.E.A.T., Hungryheart and many 'new' others, the future of melodic hard rock looks brighter?

I hope so , haha. I guess we are not any tennagers, not in ColdSpell or in Grand Design but we have been musicians for many many years with lots of experience so I guess thats why iot sounds good too! :)) Im surprised that for example in US many people says that this kind of hardrock doesnt excist in US any more and that we seem to be sort of unique in that kind of genre!?

-So, I read in your official myspace site that you are going to release the follow-up of "Infinite Stargaze". Do you have a release date?

Yes everything is done and we are just waiting for a pressrelease and a release date - but I think it will be soon!

-Do you have already a name of the album?

Yes I have but you will get that title in a while haha. I can say that its an awesome cover artwork !

-How will this new album sounds?

Its in the same spirit as the last one I think , maybe a bit heavier sound than the last one but thats what I intentionally wanted to have. This album is also mixed and mastered by Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse studios in Denmark and it feels like we have some sort of concept with workin with him and Pelle saether! I think and hope that you will love it - we will also release a brand new video when releasing the new album!

-Are you going to perform live in order to promote the new record?

Yes we intend to do lots of shows and we are dealin with some people to get maybe a a tour in Europe. We really want to get over to you in Greece and Rock!

-Any message to your fans?

All is can say is that Greece rocks! Thanks for your fantastic support and we will soon come to you and do some shows and have Mythos with you all! :))

-Thanx a lot for this interview, All the best!

Thanks Vasilhs we keep in touch!

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