Wednesday, June 12, 2019

REVIEW : AFFÄIRE --- Less Ain’t More (Perris Records, 2019)

Affaire is a hard rock band that hails from Portugal. It is a band that plays straight forward hard rock stuff which sounds like it jumped out from the late 80's, early 90's, Sunset Strip scene. Back in 2015, Affaire released it's debut opus entitled "At First Sight" and a couple of years later a new EP saw the light of day with the title "Neon Gods". 

Both releases gained a positive feedback from both fans and music press and left a promise that this band has a lot more to offer. Nowadays and under a new record deal, this time with Perris Records, Affaire strikes back with a new record entitled "Less Ain't More". 

The opening tune of "Paradise Cafe" is simply killer. Groovy hard rock stuff in the vain of Dogs D'Amour and Cinderella this song sounds the perfect opener for Affaire's newest opus. In "Girls Nite Out", we are dealing with a punchier hair metal gem that includes a catchy as hell chorus line. "Nasty But True" is one of my personal favorites out of the new album; again with a big bad ass groove in it, sleazier vocals and this cool guitar sound "Nasty But True" is a killer one! Other highlights here are the melodic and 'darker' "Sidewalk To A Red Light", the up-tempo "Unsung Heroes(2 Good 4 Hollywood)" and "Breaking Point".

Affaire with their brand new record, "Less Ain't More", shows that they have the full-package for big things. Some killer tunes, a bad-ass attitude and this late 80's sleaze vibe and there you have a damn cool record that will please each and every single fan of the classic Sunset Strip scene. 

Rating : 8/10

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