Saturday, November 17, 2018

REVIEW : MAGIC DANCE --- New Eyes (Frontiers Music s.r.l. RELEASE DATE 7 December 2018)

MAGIC DANCE was born in 2012 in Long Island, NY, as a solo project for singer/songwriter Jon Siejka. The result was three EP's ("Another World", "The Mirror of Dreams" and "Kiss Scene") that were all three influenced by the AOR, synth-pop and film soundtrack music of the ‘80s.

Back in 2015, Jon released an EP with the title "Haunting Me" that made an impact to the fans of the classic melodic rock sound. His debut full length album, "Vanishings", combined the '80s AOR, pop rock, and synth-pop and achieved to create a sound uniquely his own.

Nowadays and thanks to Frontiers Music s.r.l., Jon and Magic Dance present "New Eyes" and they are ready to conquer the world AOR scene. The band, also, consists ofy Jack Simchak and Tim Mackey on guitars, Mike Peniston and Kevin Krug on bass, and Kevin McAdams on drums.

The first couple of tracks, "You're Holding Back" and "Never Go Back", are both pure AOR bliss and includes plenty of keys, choruses to die for, excellent arrangements and a classic mid 80's melodic rock vibe. In some parts, those two tracks reminded me a bit of Survivor and Loverboy in their glory days. Next, "These Four Walls" is again an excellent song. More technical (think of Night Flight Orchestra) in some parts but with the same classic AOR feeling in it, this song is one of the best out of this album.  "Please Wake Me", the edgy "When Nothing's Real" and the ultra-catchy and pop-ish "Better Things" are three more superb samples of MAGIC DANCE's music. I loved the "Looking For Love" track; it's yet another killer out of the new opus. Beautiful with a haunting melody in it, a chorus line to die for and with such a magical guitar work.

If you love melodic rock/AOR or if you love good music in general, this album is a must have! Beautiful music that combines perfectly the classic melodic rock of the mid 80's with a sometimes harder approach and a more modern sound, "New Eyes" is simply sensational. For fans of The Night Flight Orchestra, Work of Art, Survivor and TOTO this is a must purchase!!!

Rating : 10/10

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