Sunday, August 5, 2018

REVIEW : ENUFF Z’NUFF --- Diamond Boy (Frontiers Music s.r.l., 10 August 2018)

One of the most legendary glam rock bands of the 80's Enuff Z' Nuff is back with a brand new opus, "Diamond Boy", this August through Frontiers Music. The band back in its hey days released some excellent and classic records such as the debut (1989), 'Animals With Human Intelligence" (1993) and "Seven" (1997) just to name a few. 

The band's latest effort, "Clown Lounge", back in 2016 was a solid one and, in my humble opinion, was yet another cool addiion next to the band's previous recordings. Nowadays, Enuff Z' Nuff (and to be more specific Chip Z' Nuff) with "Diamond Boy" is ready to offer us another solid opus. 

In addition to Chip Z’nuff, the band features longtime guitarist Tory Stoffregen, ex-Ultravox singer/guitarist Tony Fennell, and Chicago native Daniel Benjamin Hill on drums.

I think that as in their previous records the same here Enuff Z' Nuff doin' what they now best; to deliver smooth and classic power pop rock with a strong The Beatles-esque vibe in it. And in "Diamond Boy" the Beatles-esque feeling is more obvious than ever!!! Just check out songs like "We're All The Same", "Where Did You Go" and "Love Is On The Line" and you'll understand what I'm talking about. "Fire And Ice" is yet another interesting moment out of the new album. Modern, moodier but with all the classic Enuff Z'Nuff elements in it this tune is one of my favorites here. The punchier "Metalheart" and the guitar-driven of "Faith, Hope, Luv" compose two more highlights out of "Diamond Boy" that will please both old and new fans. 

Enuff Z'Nuff with "Diamond Boy" deliver another cool album. A bit more modern than their previous records "Diamond Boy" will be a must addition to your collection if you are a fan of this band, no doubt 'bout that. For the newer fans of Enuff Z'Nuff my advice is to start your collection with some of their earlier efforts. 

Rating : 7/10

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