Sunday, July 29, 2018

REVIEW : AIRRACE --- Untold Stories (Frontiers Music s.r.l., August 2018)

Airrace was the the brainchild of former guitarist Laurie Mansworth. The band was originally formed back in 1982 and a couple of years later the debut album, ’Shaft Of Light’, saw the light of day; an opus that till today is considered a classic among the fans of the melodic rock sound. 

It took the 25th anniversary reissue of the record to reunite the group (with a slightly amended line-up), and they eventually released a second album, ‘Back To The Start’, via Frontiers in 2011. Nowadays, the band is back in business and again with Frontiers by their side they are ready to unleash the brand new "Untold Stories" this August.  

Founding member Laurie Mansworth says,“We had a great time making the record. It’s not typically Airrace, with a lot of the material being more 70’s influenced. There is also a much wider spectrum between light and shade in the writing. I have always liked a wide range of different musical styles, from ELO to Led Zep, and when writing the songs I incorporated many of my influences from over the years.”  

The new album is full of superb melodies, passionate performances, 'crunchy' guitars, strong arrangements and, most of all, well-consisted songs. For example, the killer opener of "Running Out Of Time" is exactly what I've mentioned above. The edgier cut of "Innocent", the huge with the Led Zeppelin vibe in it "Different But The Same" and the 80's pop-ish "Love Is Love" are all three some of the highlights out of "Untold Stories". At this point, I have to say that Adam Payne's vocals are top notch; this guy is doin' a stunning job here with the vocals. One favorite tune is without any doubt the classic Brit rocker tune of "Come With Us". Man, I just love this one! It includes a mid-80's feeling in it and recalls to bands such as early Def Leppard and Thunder to name a few.  

Overall, this is a great album all the way! AIRRACE still have some nice, melodic and beautiful stories to share with us! 

Rating : 8,5 / 10

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