Monday, May 14, 2018

REVIEW : Heroes Don't Ask Why --- Sound of a broken heart (EP, 2018)

Heroes Don't Ask Why is a modern rock band that was formed in 2015. This Finnish band released its debut EP with the title "Heroes Don't Ask Why" in 2016. The debut received positive reviews and 'helped' the band to tour in Finland.
The new EP, "Sound Of A Broken Heart", contains seven new songs and shows the abilities of the band to write solid modern rock/metal tunes. Their style can be described, as I mentioned above, as modern rock/metal with strong emphasis on heavy guitars, powerful vocals and melodies. I think that the band's strongest point is without any doubt the guitars.

After the heavy opener of "Poisoned Well" and the fast-paced metal tune of "Twisted Paradise", it comes the first highlight of this new EP. "15th Of May" is darker, moodier and it includes a superb and catchier chorus that sticks into your mind at once. The alternative-theatrical "Wooden Box" it's a good one while in "Blink Of An Eye" the band delivers a punchier and in-your-face melodic metal tune that is among my personal favorites from this new album.  

All in all, this is a very interesting second attempt from this Finnish band. They got the right ideas, some excellent guitar work, a very good lead singer and with a better production I think that the future belongs to them. 

Rating : 7/10  

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