Thursday, November 23, 2017


Now this is a monster release, believe me! Santa Cruz returns to the music business with this simply breathtaking and killer record. "Bad Blood Rising" is entitled Santa Cruz's newest opus and it's pure f@&*n' adrenaline!! This baby sounds like the bastard child of Skid Row, Guns N' Roses and Shotgun Messiah but there's a lot more than this. It's an album that includes all the muscle, all the attitude and all that to become really huge!
Bigger hooks, bigger choruses, a million bucks production, tons of attitude, loud and in-your-face guitars and powerful performances are the ingredients of this amazing record. It will take you only a listening of "Bad Blood Rising" to discover the magic, the power and the attitude that Santa Cruz express with their new step.

The opener tune of "Young Blood Rising" is just killer!!! It's powerful, anthemic and with lots of attitude and makes you wanna bang your head! Yeah, these motherfu%ers wrote such an amazing and unique track that will be the sleaze metal anthem of 2017, and not only!!! "River Phoenix", "Fire Running Through Our Veins" and "Voice Of The New Generation" are all three armed with big and loud choruses, heavy guitars and a positive feel-good vibe in it that will blow your head off!! We're talking about big anthems here! 

The acoustic "Breathe" could easily appear in any of Guns N' Roses earlier records while with "Back From The Dead", "Bad Habits Die Hard" and "Pure Fuc&*in' Adrenaline" are in one word FUCKING AWESOME and ass-kickin' modern sleaze metal gems!!!

Closing, I have to say that this new album by Santa Cruz really smokes!! Bigger hooks, catchier choruses, heavy guitars and tons of attitude are all here to make your blood pumpin' and your head banging for days!!!! PURE FUCKIN' ADRENALINE!!!!! Probably THE album of the year for me!!

Rating : 10/10

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