Saturday, November 18, 2017

REVIEW : King's Call - ShowDown (2017, Lions Pride Music)

King's Call is an international melodic hard rock band and "Show Down" is entitled its brand new, and already third official, opus through Lions Pride Music. The band was originally founded by Greek/German guitarist Alex Garoufalidis and with this new record King's Call is aiming at some bigger things.
 In "Show Down", apart from Alex we find Chris Tsangarides on bass and keys, Asec Bergemann on drums but, also, a couple of special guests such as Michael Bormann (ex-Jaded Heart, solo, Redrum) and Tony Carey on keyboards.

The new album kicks-off with the brilliant rocking tune of "Who Am I". This is an extraordinary rocker with a late 80's pop-rock vibe in it, some excellent guitar licks and a fantastic rhythmic line that grabbed my attention at once. "Looking In The Mirror" features a nice groove in it while with "High Time" the band delivers yet another killer track. I really loved the variety of tempos in this song. It's heavy, soulful and, when it comes to the soloing, it will blow you away. 

"S.O.S.", the first single, rocks good with a catchy chorus line and "Shout It Out" is one of the new album's highlights. Rocks harder with an old-fashioned vibe that features a classic Thin Lizzy 'touch' in it. Another interesting moment is without any doubt the closing track "Hope" which gives an extra 'country' air to the final result. Very interesting and cool tune. 

Closing, I have to say that King's Call brand new album, "ShowDown" is an extremely interesting release that each and every rock fan, in general, should check. It's a nice collection of rock songs that includes all the package (melodies, harmonies, production, excellent guitars....e.t.c.) to take the band to a higher level. 

Rating : 8/10

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