Saturday, October 22, 2016

REVIEW : Steel Rush / Through The Night (2016)

SteelRush is a newcomer melodic rock/AOR band that comes from India!!!! Yes, you read it right, from India. As the band states, this is the first melodic rock/AOR act from India. "Through The Night" is entitled the band's debut EP and it's a damn good one!!

The sound is based on the classic melodic rock sound of the 80's with a more updated and fresh air and it is, also, strongly influenced by todays' Scandi melodic scene.

Clever and memorable choruses, nice and melodic guitars, very good arrangements and overall very good performances are some of the things that you'll find in "Through The Night".  Some excellent rockers like "Round N Round", the edgier "Take Me Away" and the moodier "Mysterious Eyes" compose this really solid debut EP from a band that has plenty of talent. You can check SteelRush out here :

Rating : 8/10

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