Saturday, October 22, 2016


Still Living is a band that loves the late 80's melodic rock scene and that's a thing that reflects in their music. "Humanity" is entitled the brand new album by these Brazilians melodic rockers and what a pleasant surprise is it!!!

"Flying High" is the opener tune from the new record and it's a tune that reminds me a bit of White Widdow's work. The melody is in the front row, the chorus is brilliant and catchy enough to make you whistle it and it includes very good arrangements. Pretty impressive start here! Next, we have another interesting moment; "Signs" is a really great and more AOR-ish tune that grabs you with its big synth sound and its totally 80's vibe!!

With "You Remain Alive", Still Living delivers a very good and mellower track with a beautiful harmony in it and a superb guitar work. For sure, one of the album's highlights!! In "Stolen Prayer" the band gets a bit 'edgier' while in "Eyes" we have another stunning ballad!! A so emotional and beautiful song that grabbed my attention at once with its solid arrangements and Renato Costa's sweet performances.  

"Way Back Home" and Still Living delivers probably the best tune out of the new album! A huge melodic rock monster with a strong dose of the late 80's U.S. Melodic Rock sound!!! Simply breathtaking!! In "Rock N Roll Thunder", we have another killer song; edgier with a Whitesnake-esque 'air' in it and with a lot of attitude this one makes you wanna turn on the volume!!

All in all, this is a very interesting release all the way. Excellent musicianship, well-crafted and extremely melodic songs with the necessary 80's vibe in it are some of the ingredients of "Humanity". I'll keep an eye on Still Living in the future. They are capable for bigger things!!

Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
01 - Flying High
02 - Signs
03 - Murder Of Crows
04 - You Remain Alive
05 - Humanufactured
06 - Stolen Prayer
07 - Shelter
08 - Eyes
09 - Way Back Home
10 - Rock And Roll Thunder
11 - Hollow Man [Bonus Track]
12 - Surrender [Bonus Track]

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