Tuesday, September 27, 2016

REVIEW : Feral Burn / Cage Of Time (2016)

Feral Burn is a Finnish Hard Rock-trio that was formed in Helsinki in early 2007. Feral Burn’s music style can be considered as “U.S. Hard Rock” and is strongly influenced by the legendary 80’s scene and bands such as Van Halen, Trixter, Skid Row and The Cult to name a few.

Feral Burn has toured a lot in their home country with over 100 shows in various clubs and festivals, including Helsinki’s best venues such as On The Rocks and Nosturi. 2014 saw their first tour abroad with 11 shows over North Eastern China.

The band has already released three EP's and nowadays is about to release its brand new EP which is entitled "Cage Of Time". In "Cage Of Time", the boys deliver some serious and ass-kickin' Hard Rock stuff in the vain of the late 80's Hard Rock golden sound with superb vocal lines, some bad-ass guitars and choruses to stick in your mind for days. For example, the first sample of "Cage Of Time" is "Ain't Dead Yet". And, damn, this is a totally blasting tune in the vain of Skid Row's first two albums. Powerful and in-your-face with a chorus line to sing-a-long this track grabs you and leaves you hungry for more!!! The commercial and awesome "Beyond Forever" sounds like it jumped out from Trixter's debut album while "Cage Of Time" is a beautiful ballad. The last song, "Memories" is yet another late 80's feel-good rocker.

Now, this is one of the biggest 2016's surprises so far!!! Feral Burn with this EP brings back the late 80's Hard Rock/Hair Metal sound in full-force. Excellent performances, great guitar work, catchy hooks and choruses, melodies and a bunch of some killer tunes!!!!! 

Rating : 9,5/10

Track Listing : Ain't Dead Yet, Beyond Forever, Cage Of Time, Memories

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