Saturday, July 23, 2016

REVIEW : FAKE IDOLS / Witness (2016)

Fake Idols is a band that was formed by ex-members of RAINTIME and Slowmotion Apocalypse and "Witness" is entitled its brand new record. Already released a debut, back in 2014, Fake Idols strikes back with this really excellent and 'punchy' slice of pure hard rock stuff.

After a couple spins of "Witness", one thing is clear; Fake Idols is a band that knows how to deliver a solid heavy rock track. It achieves to balance perfectly between the classic hard rock of the 80's and the today's modern hard rock sound making the final result very attractive. Their music features heavy riffs, powerful vocals, loud choruses and a bunch of some special guests such as Phil Campbell (MOTORHEAD) and DAMNA (ELVENKING, HELL IN THE CLUB).

"Out Of Gear" that opens the new album is a 'stormy' and powerful heavy rock track with attitude that takes no prisoners!! "Mad Fall", that features Phil Campbell, rocks harder while in the heavier and more technical "Sail" the band delivers an impressive tune. More groove in "The City's Burning" (feat. Damna) to take a small 'break' with the beautiful instrumental "Silence". At this point ,I have to say that I like a lot the work of Fake Idols in the cover track of "Go". A song that was originally performed by Chemical Brothers.

Fake Idols with "Witness" are releasing a solid album that features strong tunes, powerful performances, heavy and in-your-face guitars and a late 80's heavy rock vibe. Well done!!!

Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
“Out Of Gear”
“Mad Fall” (feat. Phil Campbell)
“So Now...”
“The City’s Burning” (feat. Damna)
“I’m A Fake”
“Go” (Chemical Brothers cover)
“Could You Bid Me Farewell”
“Prayers On Fire”

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