Thursday, April 21, 2016


It's really big news when one of your all time favorite bands is back again with a new record. The bad-ass heavy Glamsters TIGERTAILZ are back in business with their brand new "Blast". And believe me, with their new record we are gonna have a blast!!!

Having released some cool records such as their classic "Bezerk" and "Banzai" Tigertailz are finally back again, with their first full studio album in nearly ten years, to show us that they are not dead yet!! The new opus, "Blast", features also the song "Pipped It Popped It", which was written specifically for this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

Tigertailz's new shouter, Rob Wylde (well-known as the frontman of TEENAGE CASKET COMPANY and the U.K. POISON tribute act POIZON) is doin' a hell of job regarding the vocals and he gives the extra 'push' to the final result. The band sounds tight as hell and with its new songs brings back the Glam Metal sound of the late 80's alive and kickin'.

"Just For One Night" which kicks-off the new record is pure pop-metal delight! It's melodic with a sweet and memorable chorus line while in "All The Girls In The World" things are gettin' better! This is a track that could easily appear in any of Poison's earlier works. In "Bop Bop You", the guys put more muscle in their music and in "Bloodsuckers" the classic heavy glam of Tigertailz is back and in-your-face!!! After the rather good cover of MUD's hit "Dynamite", it comes "Bring It On" which is one of the album's highlights. A straight forward rocker with a big an' catchy chorus line to sing-a-long.

Spread the word to every Glam fan out there; TIGERTAILZ is back! 

Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
01. Just For One Night
02. All The Girls In The World
03. Pipped It Popped It
04. Bop Bop You
05. In The Arms Of Mary
06. Bloodsuckers
07. Dynamite
08. Bring It On
09. Crime Against Rock And Roll
10. God's Country
11. Cheap Talk 
12. FnA 

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