Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sinatras to enter Atomic Stuff Promotion roster!

Atomic Stuff Promotion proudly announces that Sinatras will join its roster to promote their debut EP "Six•Sexy•Songs". Sinatras is a new project born from one of Emanuele Zilio's ideas (guitar player for 20 years in Italian metal/hardcore band Strange Corner) Its music consists in a classic but yet personal “death 'n' roll” that might be appreciated by Carcass, Entombed, Pantera and Hatebreed fans (just to mention a few bands that inspired Sinatras' sound). 

The band features expert musicians with different musical roots (members from StrangeCorner/hc band, Kani/hard r’n'r band, Hypnotheticall/prog metal, High Bridge/progressive death metal band), skilled people who have been involved in the underground scene for many years and can be defined the representatives of the North-Eastern Italy thriving rock/metal scene, unfortunately often underestimated: it allowed the band to write songs with very strong themes, gathering together the influences of all components. 

In less than five months, thanks to the experience both live on stage and during the studio recording sessions, the band writes and records the first six demo tracks called "Six•Sexy•Songs". This EP wants to be the key to find a label deal for the debut album: the band has already started writing new material for its first 10/11 tracks full length of pure death metal & rock'n'roll, aiming for a large distribution to be appreciated also outside national borders.

"Six•Sexy•Songs" is available as a free download through Sinatras official website:

Track List:

1. Contamination
2. Frank Is Back
3. Sunshine
4. The Game
5. W.A.F.S.
6. All Or Nothing

Lele Sinatra - Guitars
Fla Sinatra - Vocals
Lispio Sinatra - Bass

Minkio Sinatra - Guitars

Jenny B. Sinatra - Drums

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