Sunday, March 15, 2015


Impellitteri is a melodic metal band that was led by the extraordinary guitarist Chris Impellitteri. Since its creation, the band has released numerous of albums which are notable due to the incredible skills of this unique musician. Nowadays, the band is back with its brand new album which is entitled "VENOM" and the sure thing is that will please not only the die-hards of the band but, also, every single fan of the melodic metal scene in general.

'.....are you ready?....' Bob Rock invite us to the first anthem of the album; "Venom" and Impellitteri make clear that the new record is here to make some noise! Heavy, still melodic and fast-paced with a chorus line to die for and with Chris's amazing guitar work this track is clear winner! "We Own The Night" refers to the late 80's melodic metal scene with its classic sound while in "Face The Enemy" we are dealing with another killer song. This one is movin' to some hard rock paths and again Impellitteri is delivering the goods!! The solo is simply breathtaking, the chorus is pure delight and the rhythm section is tight as hell!! Impressive! Next, in the speedy "Domino Theory" Bob Rock sings his heart out and in "Holding On" and "Rise" the shower of riffs and solos continuing!

Impellitteri with "Venom" achieve to deliver a classic metal album full of amazing guitar work, powerful performances and an 80's vibe that will please every single metal freak out there!
Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
Venom; Empire Of Lies; We Own The Night; Nightmare; Face The Enemy; Dominoe Theory; Jehova; Rise; Time Machine; Holding On; Rock Through The Night*; Reach for the Sky*
 *Bonus tracks

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