Sunday, November 23, 2014

HAREM SCAREM / Thirteen (2014)

The waiting is finally over for the new Harem Scarem record which is entitled "Thirteen" (their thirteen official album). For me, Harem Scarem was and still is one of the most underrated melodic hard rock bands ever; they truly deserved a wider recognition 'cause this band was never the ordinary melodic hard rock band as so many others from that scene.

Two gems of albums such the 'self-titled" in 1991 and the absolute masterpiece "Mood Swings" in 1993 that put them on the map of this genre for good. I think that there is not a single fan of the melodic sound that does not have these albums!! Especially regarding of the "Mood Swings" record the band re-recorded (with some bonus tracks) this particular release in 2013.

Nowadays, Harem Scarem is ready to unleash the brand new "Thirteen" and, believe me, this is one of the best albums that the Canadians have ever recorded. They tried to mix the old sound with some 'new' and updated elements ( Human Nature & Higher) and the result is once again sensational. So, for those who expected long enough with patience to hear this band to move into the melodic paths of their earlier releases then "Thirteen" will rock your world.

The album kicks-off in an old-fashion way and  'classic' Harem Scarem sound with "Garden Of Eden". A huge commercial track with a feel-good vibe in it, a heavenly inspired guitar work, a catchy chorus line and excellent performances! Do you want more? Then, check out, also. "Live It". A great rocker that includes a sing-a-long chorus and brings back (again) memories from early Harem Scarem. "Midnight Hours" sounds like it came out from the "Human Nature" or even "Higher" record while in "Whatever It Takes" the band delivers the usual big power-ballad. Great stuff!!  "Troubled Times" has everything you want to hear form this band; an explosive chorus that makes you wanna sing-a-long, the amazing melodic guitar lines of Pete Lesperance and Hess's superb performances! One of the best songs that this band has ever recorded, no 'doubt 'bout that!!

"Thirteen" comes to prove that Harem Scarem is alive and kicking! Another classic recording from this excellent band and, for sure, another classic one that will please every die-hard fan of Harem Scarem. Highly recommended stuff!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
Garden of Eden; Live It; Early Warning Signs; The Midnight Hours; Whatever It Takes; Saints and Sinners; All I Need; Troubled Times; Never Say Never; Stardust; Garden of Eden (Acoustic Version – bonus track)

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