Friday, November 21, 2014

BLOODBOUND / Stormborn (2014)

Whooa, this is what I call heavy 'to the bone' metal stuff! And even though I'm not a big fan of this band, this record grabbed me at once and left me hungry for more! For sure, Bloodbound knows how to deliver a traditional metal album! "Stormborn" is the band's sixth, already, official release and to be honest, their best to date!

The thunderous metal hymns here is one after another, the stormy guitar riffs and hellish solos the same and the metal screams ghosts every moment of "Stormborn".

"Satanic Panic", the opener, grabs you immediately with its powerful arrangements, the in-your-face and aggressive performances and its 'evil' chorus line!! "Nightmares From The Grave" is movin' to the same metal paths, as the opener, but with a more 'epic' vibe and it's among my personal favorites from the new record! Raise the dead....with the fast and furious metal anthem "We Raise The Dead" that takes no prisoners while in "Made Of Steel" we have a track that the Finnish LORDI would jealous about!!!

Great up-tempo with lots of 'balls' metal record that the sure thing is that will please every single metalhead out there! One of the best metal albums of 2014!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track Listing:
01. Bloodtale
02. Satanic Panic
03. Iron Throne
04. Nightmares from the Grave
05. Stormborn
06. We Raise the Dead
07. Made of Steel
08. Blood of My Blood
09. When the Kingdom Will Fall
10. Seven Hells
11. When All Lights Fail

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