Thursday, April 17, 2014

SEBASTIAN BACH / Give'Em Hell (2014)

One of the most characteristic singers ever is without doubt Sebastian Bach! Yes, the singer of the great Skid Row that released some really excellent albums back in the 80's, early 90's, nowadays he is releasing his brand new opus with the title "Give 'Em Hell". And believe me, this one is probably his best solo record ever and an album that can sit perfectly next to every early Skid Row effort.

First of all, his voice is on top notch. Secondly, all the songs here have something of the magic of the singer's heydays and thirdly the musicianship is tight making the final result an enjoyable ride through Bach's world. From the opener tune of "Hell Inside My Head", you'll be hooked by a brilliant in-your-face heavy rocker dynamite that takes no prisoners! The song features a catchy chorus line that you'll be whistling for days and a huge guitar work. Great stuff! "All My Friends Are Dead" is much heavier with an updated sound and a darker vibe and sounds like a leftover from Skid Row's "Subhuman Race". "Push Away" is one of these tracks that you expect to hear from Sebastian Bach. It's modern, heavy and includes a very nice melody and, of course, Bach's emotional performances. "Had Enough" could be easily described as "Wasted Time" number two!! "Rock N Roll Is A Vicious Game" is another highlight from the new record. A mid-tempo, more laid back tune while in "Gun To A Knife Fight" we are dealing with a monstrous heavy rock gem!

Sebastian Bach is back stronger than ever with a great melodic hard 'n' heavy album that will please each and every single fan of Skid Row and of course every serious metalhead out there!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
01. Hell Inside My Head
02. Harmony
03. All My Friends Are Dead
04. Temptation
05. Push Away
06. Dominator
07. Had Enough
08. Gun To A Knife Fight
09. Rock N Roll Is A Vicious Game
10. Taking Back Tomorrow
11. Disengaged
12. Forget You
13. Rock N Roll Is A Vicious Game (Acoustic) [Japan bonus]

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