Saturday, March 29, 2014

PREACHER / Signals (2014)

Preacher is a progressive rock band that hails from Ayrshire in Scotland and have an impressive list of accolades chief amongst them being they are the only unsigned band to headline an event at the ABC 1 O2 Glasgow Arena. The "Signals" album is a tour de force of melodic/progressive rock telling the story of a visit from an extra-terrestrial higher order of beings. Our guardians have been observing Earth for a long time and now they feel it is time to arbitrate.

Preacher's music can be characterized, as I already mentioned above, as progressive rock with emotional and soul-full vocals, some really incredible guitar work and some bluesier pinches as well. And as the press-kit right says :"Think Pink Floyd meets The Stranglers and Pearl Jam with the fantastic story telling abilities of Rush and you are in for one fantastic ride".

Just take a listen to the simply breathtaking tune of "The Sea" and you'll understand what I'm talking about here. A pure classic rock track that features a damn stunning blues vibe in it, an amazing guitar solo and emotional performances. Man, what a track!!! Even though the most of the songs here are having a more laid-back, relax, feeling I have to admit that I'm enjoying every single moment here! "Time", "The Factor", "Jupiter" (with the brilliant guitar work) and "I Will Be There" are all fantastic and inspired rock tunes that will make proud each and every classic rock fan out there!!

Closing, I have to say that PREACHER achieved to impress me with this incredible record! It's beautiful, mixes perfectly the old with the new, the guitar work here is magical and the performances grabs you and leaves you breathless! Well done!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track List :
1. Time
2. Jupiter
3. The Sea
4. Fat Cats
5. Cry For Help
6. Signals
7. Arrival
8. First Contact
9. The Factor
10. Friends Of My Dreams
11. Our Destiny
12. I Will Be There

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