Sunday, March 30, 2014

DYNAZTY / Renatus (2014)

Allow me to start this review by saying that I love this band! Dynazty, the band that in 2012 released the hard 'n' heavy thunder of "Sultans Of Sin", and ended-up in position # 3 at Heavy Paradise's Top list, nowadays is back with another stunning release which is entitled "Renatus".

From the front-cover artwork, someone will guess that this new record is a re-birth of Dynazty, and believe me "Renatus" is a kinda-of new beginning, musically speaking, for the band. And let me explain why; this is the band's fourth release and after the first spin I have to say that this is probably their best album to date and their most mature so far! The sound is a bit heavier, without loosing some of their earlier rocking elements (melodies, hooks e.t.c.), with a killer double ass-kicking drumming and the guitar duo of Love Magnusson and Mikael Laver delivers some of the heaviest and most inspired guitar work to date with plenty of solos to die for! Nils Molin sings his heart out and generally the band is tighter than ever. Add to the above mentioned things some really cool progressive metal elements and there you have a great record!

"Cross The Line", the opening tune, is a really great melodic metal gem! Heavy, epic, powerful with a killer chorus line that grabs you from the start and leaves you hungry for more! "Starlight", the first single, continues from where "Sultans Of Sin" left; melodic as it gets with again an impressive guitar work and Molin's in-your-face performances! Superb stuff! "Down Of Your Creation", "Run Amok" and "A Divine Comedy" are all three great samples of pure Scandi-melodic metal stuff with great arrangements, huge harmonies, the right attitude and a heavy in-your-face guitar sound that impress!! "Salvation" is without any doubt one of the highlights from the new record; huge,epic, melodic with some progressive pinches in this really awesome over seven minutes hymn!!

Beautiful, heavy, extremely melodic and powerful "Renatus" comes like a thunder to make some noise in the Euro melodic hard 'n' heavy scene and to certify that DYNAZTY is one of the leaders in this particular scene! Highly recommended stuff!!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9//10

Track Listing:
01 - Cross The Line
02 - Starlight
03 - Dawn Of Your Creation
04 - The Northern End
05 - Incarnation
06 - Run Amok
07 - Unholy Deterrent
08 - Sunrise In Hell
09 - Salvation
10 - A Divine Comedy

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