Saturday, March 29, 2014

ANKOR / Last Song For Venus (2013)

With their "My Own Angel" album, in 2011, ANKOR really achieved to release a solid modern melodic metal album full of some heavy riffs, plenty of melodies and attitude and grabbed my attention from the very first spin!

Last year, Ankor released its brand new opus which was entitled "Last Song For Venus". After a couple of spins "Last Song For Venus" seems like the natural step forward to "My Own Angel". The band is movin' in the same melodic metal/rock paths as in their previous record but this time with a 'crunchier' sound which is a good thing. The first 'big' moment here comes with the simply excellent "When December Goes". An up-tempo rocker that features a feel-good vibe, very good performances, harmonies and a huge melody! Add to the above mentioned things some really nice guitar lines and there you have the absolute highlight from the new record!! "I'll Fight For You" is another very good tune that includes a more 'modern' sound, solid arrangements, a punchier sound and Rosa'a amazing vocal performances. "Winner Horse" will grab you with its punk attitude and "Since You Made Us As One" is another personal favorite from the new album. Somewhere between Halestorm and Green Day, this track will put a big smile upon your face!!

All in all, the one thing that I have to add is that ANKOR with "Last Song For Venus" impressed me!!! Yes, this last record is far better than their previous and includes better songs, tighter performances, an up-tempo feel-good vibe in all over the album and most of all passionate performances!! One of the best modern metal/rock albums that I've heard since a long time!! Well done!!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
1. Last Song For Venus (4:49)
2. Try To Walk My Shoes (4:25)
3. When December Goes (4:03)
4. I'll Fight For You (3:40)
5. Last Song For Venus Part 2 (3:10)
6. The Dark Passenger (4:28)
7. Winner Horse (3:20)
8. Since You Made Us As One (3:43)
9. Moonlight (3:49)
10. Tenkuu No Budokai (4:02)
11. At Last Rest (9:10) 1
12. The Unreachable Cherry Tree Of Dreams (4:26)

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