Wednesday, March 19, 2014

KILLERS LODGE / Unnecessary I (2013)

Killers Lodge is a new band but all its members are well-known musicians that have played in several bands. The band consists of John KillerBob (Cadaveria, DyNAbyte, formerly with Necrodeath and Raza de Odio) on lead vocals and bass guitar, Olly Razorback (Denial, Freelance guitar player with several artists such as Sadist, Metal Gang, Trevor, Nerve, Raza de Odio), on guitars, Christo Machete (Dorothy’s Doll. Formerly with Zorn and Raza de Odio) on drums.

Killers Lodge's sound has its roots in classic hard 'n' heavy scene, with some punk pinches as well, with powerful in-your-face performances, attitude, some really cool guitar riffs and solos and a strong rhythm section.

"Like A Rock" is the first highlight from this debut, it has a Motörhead vibe and it's the perfect sample of Killers Lodge music! Fast, powerful and heavy!! "The Grudge", "New Life" and "Who We Are" are all solid heavy rock tracks that all features a nice groove, strong bass lines and very good arrangements.

This is an extremely interesting release all the way!! As I already mentioned above, Killers Lodge's music is powerful with attitude and has a Motörhead vibe in all over the album. For the fans of Motörhead's earlier releases, this is a must own record!! The fans of big and classic heavy rock sound do yourself a favor and check out Unnecessary I.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track Listing:
 1. Cosmos 
2. Like a Rock 
3. The Grudge 
4. Inefficiency 
5. New Life 
6. Who We Are 
7. Land of Doom 
8. Ship of Fools 
9. Bow and Scrape 
10. The Glory of the Pillory

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