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There's no shilly-shallying when you listen to The Jokers' music – it's bound to be love at first listen. Their meaty rock'n'roll goes straight to the gut and into your legs, has lots of groove and blues and sparkles with haunting melodies and powerful riffs. So it's hardly surprising that this hot and hungry band from Liverpool comes equipped with everything that honest and authentic rock music needs: England with its long tradition of legendary groups such as The Who, Free, Mott The Hoople, The Faces and Led Zeppelin continues to be an ideal breeding ground for promising acts in 2013. The four-piece consisting of brothers Paul (guitar) and Simon (bass) Hurst and their two colleagues Wane Parry (vocals) and Chris Poole (drums) has succeeded in successfully transporting classic rock music into the present without denying the illustrious past of this musical direction or lacking a contemporary and topical approach. 

Their second album Rock'n'Roll Is Alive will be celebrated by all fans of classic rock music and is rooted deeply in the 1970s. "I've always been totally into the seventies, they really were the best rock music era," comments Paul Hurst. "I love Free and their guitarist Paul Kossoff, just like The Who and Led Zeppelin, in other words all bands who play classic rock music with strong emotional vocal melodies and bluesy guitar riffs – pretty much like we do today."

The Jokers first came to public attention in summer 2009 when their debut album The Big Rock'n'Roll Show was released independently, achieving remarkable sales within a few months. The Album was awarded Powerplay Magazine's album of the month in July 2009, went straight on to Planet Rock Radio's A Playlist and was universally acclaimed for its rare quality. Countless shows in seedy clubs and shady joints followed, the four musicians having only one target: to make The Jokers popular and to grow as artists. "We're a hard-working band. We like to play as often as we can and keep learning all the time," Paul Hurst explains. "Everything about The Jokers is honest and authentic; our sole aim is to be successful and make people happy."

The fans of this fantastic band should be more than delighted with all eleven numbers on the new album which features tracks such as the wonderfully grooving opener 'Silver City', 'Radio' with its ingenious guitar riff and the consciously Free-oriented 'Find My Way Home' as important cornerstones. "Of course our countless gigs have helped us to evolve as a band and as composers," Paul Hurst enthuses. "Financially and artistically, we were much more limited during the conception and production of our debut. This time around, we had a producer in Andy who believed in us and told us: 'Don't worry about the cost, you only have to pay as much as you can afford.'" Over almost two years, The Jokers spent a total of five months working on Rock'n'Roll Is Alive with producer Andy Macpherson (Eric Clapton, The Who, Barclay James Harvest, The Buzzcocks). "Our style is much more defined than it was four years ago," Hurst describes the audible differences between the group's 2009 debut and the current situation. "Our songs are decidedly more rock-oriented, self-contained and straightforward in terms of their sound. You can tell that we're even prouder of our songs today and love every note single note on Rock'n'Roll Is Alive."

2 September 2013 (Germany: 30 August 2013; US/Canada: 10 September 2013) is the scheduled release date of their new album on Steamhammer/SPV, the result is bound to delight all rock music fans. Hurst: "We have grown perceptibly in the past 24 months and are now ready to present an album which bears its title with justification. Rock'n'Roll is an attitude; it stands for freedom, tolerance and self-fulfilment. Rock'n'Roll Is Alive reflects all these aspects perfectly."

Tracklisting: Available as CD and download / 01 Silver City 03:45 02 Rock´n`Roll Is Alive 02:58 03 Radio 04:00 04 Blood Of Ox 00:36 05 Night Driver 03:12 06 Let It Rock 03:15 07 Find My Way Home 04:14 08 Sky Line 00:35 09 N.Y.C. 04:30 10 Bring Your Love Back To Me 03:56 11 Dr. Rock Head 02:28.
Line-Up: Wane Parry (vocals) Paul Hurst (guitar) Simon Hurst (bass) Chris Poole (drums).
The Jokers released their new single "Radio" digitally on June 24. You can listen to a song snippet here:
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