Friday, June 28, 2013

DangerEgo, debut album to be re-issued

DangerEgo, debut album to be re-issued
Italian rock band DangerEgo inked a deal with Atomic Stuff Records to re-issue the debut album "Autopsy", scheduled for release after summer 2013.

DangerEgo are:

Flavio Angelini - vocals
Enrico Francesca - guitar
Lorenzo Giusti - guitar
Claudio Zucchelli - bass
Massimiliano Innocenti - drums

DangerEgo project sees the light in 2005, from the meeting of some Florence-based musicians, already active in other bands (Terrametèa, Bleff, Chèquers, Florence New Grass). 

With Black Sabbath, Faith No More and Audioslave echoing in their heads, the quintet begins to produce original material and performs on the most prestigious stages of Tuscany (Viper Theatre, The Cage Club, Borderline, Zenigata, CPA Fi Sud, La Limonaia-Fucecchio). 

Armed with a great live impact, they reach a significant position in various contests (including Lucca Summer Festival 2007 - 2012 and Music W Festival) and open for important bands of the Italian underground scene (Heike Has The Giggles, Calibro 35, Maniscalco Maldestro, El Thule, Qube); their music is also chosen as background for Danilo Petrucci’s site, a rising star in the Italian Superbike championship. “Autopsy” (June 2011) is their first full-length. The 11 songs capture properly the band’s point of view: hard rock, stoner and psychedelic rock’ n' roll, like Guns N’ Roses driving around in a Cadillac in Palm Desert while David Coverdale wakes up listening to Alter Bridge. Compact straightforward riffs, an expressive voice, all enhanced by ethereal textures of moog and supported by a powerful rhythm section. Two years later, in June 2013, they inked a deal with Atomic Stuff Records to re-release the album.

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