Friday, May 3, 2013


For all the fans of the late 80's, early 90's, hard rock sound Tom Keifer was the lead singer of the legendary blues based hard rock band Cinderella. With his main band, Keifer released some really excellent stuff, toured around the world and achieved to build a strong reputation around his name. But 'cause of the so called 'grunge' revolution Cinderella split up and its members took their own way.

So, many years later, this very talented musician with this so 'special' voice is finally back to offer us another great effort and to bring back memories from the past. "The Way Life Goes" is titled his brand new album and believe me it's about a great one!!

"Solid Ground" kicks off with a slide guitar riff, a 'Cinderella' spirit and Keifer's awesome vocal performances. This track traveled me back to the band's "Heartbreak Station" days. Impressive start. "A Different Light" is a more laid-back song while "It's Not Enough" features some groovier and in some parts funkier parts. With "Cold Day In Hell" and "Thick And Thin" Keifer brings back the bluesier elements in these two superb tracks. "Ask Me Yesterday" is a very nice mid-tempo, acoustic track that features some brilliant harmonies and a fantastic melody!!  "Fools Paradise" is a harder edged tune while "The Flower Song" continues the beautiful mid-tempo rhythms with its simple but inspired melody. "Welcome To My Mind" is a 'punchier' and a bit modern rockier tune, "You Showed Me" features an 'Aerosmith-esque' melody and tempo, "Ain't That A Bitch" is ok and "The Way Life Goes" is a very good groovy rocker. "Babylon" which closes the album is an up-tempo melodic rocker in the vain of Keifer's main band and is such a great way to close this solid album!!

All in all, this is a great comeback from such a great artist! Beautiful melodies and harmonies, heart-full performances, some really impressive songs, a solid production and the Cinderella ghost all over the album!! Maybe the die hard fans would expected a harder edged comeback in the vain of "Still Climbing"; but please check this album out, this is a very enjoyable ride from start to finish, this is a ride through Tom Keifer's music!
Heavy Paradise's Rating " 8/10

Track List :
01. Solid Ground
02. A Different Light
03. It's Not Enough
04. Cold Day In Hell
05. Thick And Thin
06. Ask Me Yesterday
07. Fools Paradise
08. The Flower Song
09. Mood Elevator
10. Welcome To My Mind
11. You Showed Me
12. Ain't That A Bitch
13. The Way Life Goes
14. Babylon

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