Saturday, April 6, 2013


Years ago, Kari and Minna Ora were in a Finnish band called 'Suzy Gang'. After that they formed a melodic bluesier band with the name 'Acoustic Lady'. After a lot of gigs around Finland, they started thinking of a real band. The Electric Lady was a fact in 2007 and they started looking for musicians.

After the addition of Pepe Lindholm on drums, Samuli Jokinen on keys and Jussi Sinervo on bass, the band took flesh and blood!! They decided to sang in English (songs were all in Finnish at that time) and they started to write songs. The band combines all the elements of rock, hard rock, blues, pop rock in a very unique way and the result can be heard at "Black Moon".

After a small intro, the album starts off with the brilliant 'A Man Of That Kind". This is a catchy rock song that features a solid rhythm and Minna's superb vocal performances. "Secret Love" is a harder edged rocker with a monstrous melody and a fantastic hook and chorus. Up next we have the more pop-ish and slower tune of "Your Heart Is 100 Times Bigger Than Mine". This is a true highlight from "Black Moon"!! "Let It Rain", "You Can't" and "Waterproof" are all well-crafted rock songs that combine the classic rock sound with a 'modern' twist while "Through Ice And Snow" has a 'darker' and bluesier atmosphere and features an inspired solo and, of course, Minna's amazing performances.

All in all this is a very good first attempt from The Electric Lady. Their abilities to combine perfectly all the styles of rock along with Minna's warm and tender voice create this extremely interesting album. Some splendid tunes here, a tight musicianship and top notch performances are the ingredients of "Black Moon".
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
01 - Prelude 'Un Ange Dans La Tour'
02 - A Man Of That Kind
03 - Secret Love
04 - Your Heart Is 100 Times Bigger Than Mine
05 - Let It Rain
06 - You Can't
07 - Through Ice And Snow
08 - Who Cares
09 - Waterproof
10 - Black Moon
11 - That's The Way

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