Saturday, January 12, 2013


Toxic Rose is a new sensational sleaze modern heavy rock band from Sweden. The band consists of Tom (Gemini Five), Andy and Michael both from the sleaze metal band Lipstixx 'n' Buletz and also Goran (Ex-Sexydeath).

This is the band's debut EP and includes five sleaze hard 'n' heavy dynamites that will blow away every single fan of Crashdiet, H.E.A.T., Gemini Five but, also, some fans of early Faster Pussycat as well. The album was co-produced by Martin Sweet of Crashdiet.

The song that opens the album is, also, the first video-single, it's a huge tune! Yes, "A Song For The Weak" has a heavy in-your-face riff, a great melodic line and powerful performances. "Set Me Free" has a heavier sound in it and reminds me a bit of Crashdiet's releases. "Follow Me" is another gem from this EP. Lots of attitude, a sticky melody, great keys, solid arrangements and a huge guitar work are all perfectly balanced in this awesome song!!! "Black Bile" and "Fear Lingers On" are both superb pieces of modern sleaze metal stuff!!

Bottom line is that this is an awesome cd! It's a well-played album full of huge guitar work, attitude, powerful in-your-face performances with solid production! These guys rock in an old-fashioned way. They, also, achieve to mix perfect the glory 80's, early 90's, sleaze metal scene along with the new wave of Swedish sleaze metal scene and the result is almost PERFECT!!! Don't miss this one!!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track List : A Song For The Weak, Set Me Free, Follow Me, Black Bile, Fear Lingers On  

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