Sunday, February 5, 2012

SKIN / LUCKY (1996)

This the band's follow-up album to their stunning debut that made such a great impression to the hard rock world. The band consists of the incredible Neville Mcdonald on lead vocals, Myke Gray on lead guitars, Andy Robbins on bass and Dicky Fliszar on drums.

This time the band is taking the music to a harder edged sound without loosing the memorable choruses and the melody of their debut. I think that this album mixed-up the feelings of the fans that they loved the debut in 1994. "Lucky" starts of with the 'punchier' "I Spit On You". This tune has an attitude and a 'grungier' vibe in it and shows the band's mood to deliver a heavy in-your-face song. "How Lucky You Are" is just brilliant! Another heavy tune with a catchy as hell chorus line and Mcdonald's brilliant vocal performances! Well done! "Perfect Day" is one of the album's highlights while "One Nation" is groovy and a song that could easily appear in Skin's debut album. "Juliet" is a superb mid-tempo bluesier track that features great arrangements and Gray's excellent guitar skills.

Overall, this is a solid album. It contains some really 'killer' tunes but, also, some average songs. For sure, their debut album was a masterpiece. For the fans of the Skin, this is a record that you have to check out, especially for those five tracks that I mentioned above!!!!
HeavyParadise's Rating : 7/10

Track List : 1. I Spit on You 2. How Lucky You Are 3. Make It Happen 4. Face to Face 5. New Religion 6. Escape from Reality 7. Perfect Day 8. Let Love Rule Your Heart 9. Juliet 10. No Way Out 11. Pray 12. One Nation 13. I'm Alive 14. Inside Me Inside You

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