Monday, April 20, 2020

REVIEW : Sapphire Eyes, Magic Moments (Pride & Joy Music, out: 15.05.2020 )

The story of SAPPHIRE EYES starts back in 2011 when Niclas Olsson (ALYSON AVENUE, SECOND HEAT) decided to put together a project (”Sapphire Eyes”) alongside with some well-known musicians. 

After the release of the debut opus, Niclas started the recordings for album number two. "Breath Of Ages" took flesh and bones in 2018 and it was about a great record all the way. A typical Scandi melodic rock release that included memorable hooks, a keyboard-driven sound and melodies to die for. That opus gained positive reviews and was very attractive for the fans of the particular sound. 

Nowadays, it is time for album number three; the new step is entitled "Magic Moments" and apart from Niklas Olsson on  keys we find also Kimmo Blom on vocals (LEVERAGE, URBAN TALE), Emil Knabe on guitars (ACACIA), Patrik Svärd on guitars (CLOUDSCAPE), Christer Engholm on bass (ALYSON AVENUE, ACACIA) and Fredrik Eriksson  on drums (DAWN OF OBLIVION, ALYSON AVENUE) .

After the anthemic opener tune of "Still Alive", we have "Don't Walk Away" that sounds like it jumped out from the mid 80's!! Yes, it's that good! Melodic as it gets with an amazing melodic line and, of course, a chorus line to die for. Excellent stuff! "I Never Meant To Hurt You", "Magic Moment" and "Do You Think About Us" are all three splendid samples of pure melodic rock/AOR stuff. Beautiful melodies, clever arrangements, hooks and choruses enough to make you sing-a-long and this 'magical' mid 80's vibe in it to bring a tear in your eye!! In "Bring Back The Night" we have the appearence of Anette Olzon that shares her amazing vocals in this fantastic AOR gem. The edgier "As the Days Goes By" and the huge melodic rock tune of "Cuts Like A Knife" are both killers!!! 

Closing my review of Sapphire Eyes' newest opus "Magic Moments", I have to add that it's about a huge melodic rock/AOR release that brings back the sound of bands such as Starship, Alias and Strangeways with class.  It's melodic, it's beautiful, it's sensational and it includes all the "magic' of the glory AOR scene of the 80's, early 90's, in it. 

Songwritting : 9
Production : 8
Musicianship : 9
Songs : 10

Overall Rating : 9 / 10 

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