Tuesday, April 21, 2020

LIONS PRIDE MUSIC is proud to present you 5th Machine's front cover & Album Sampler from the upcoming 29 June 2020 release of the band's brand new album "Back In Time" !!!!!

5th Machine's debut Album “Back in Time” - This Locomotive will bring you straight back to the 80´s: A Hard 'n' heavy work full of memorable melodies,passionate guitar riffs, choruses and inspired harmonies that will lead the listeners to the an unforgettable Journey through sound, time and thought.

Recorded during the Fall and winter 2019, the record is signed by the Brazilian producer Thiago Bianchi (Noturnall) will be released on June 2020.

5th Machine are:
Fábio Cabral (Vocals)
Guma (Guitars)
Tiago Fusco (Guitars)
Carol Fusco (keyboards)
Eder Zavanella (Bass)
Boris Boroski (Drums)

Connect with 5th Machine:

Sampler: https://youtu.be/rCJ4KYbTbuk

Track list: 01) 5th Machine, 02) The Wind, 03) The Song Of A Beggar, 04) Mirrors And Bones, 05) Until The End Of Time, 06) Say No To Time, 07) Home, 08) Take Me Away, 09) Dreaming Nights, 10) For All The Young, 11) Back In Time.

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