Saturday, February 15, 2020

REVIEW : DAVID REECE, Cacophony of Souls (El Puerto Records, Release: 13 March 2020)

David Reece is a musician that has an impressive career. Bangalore Choir, Accept, Bonfire and also as a solo artist Mr. Reece all those years has delivered some excellent and classic albums. Nowadays, David Reece returns to music business with a brand new opus entitled "Cacophony Of Souls" (through El Puerto Records).

Except Reece on lead vocals, the band also features Andy Susemihl, Malte Frederik Burkert on bass and Andrea Gianangeli on drums. Under the motto "Ex-Accept meets Ex-U.D.O." fans can look
forward to a concentrated metal experience here. 

Twelve melodic metal tracks that show off, with such an impressive way, the stunning 'metal' vocals of David Reece, heavy guitars with sharp solos and a tight musicianship that the sure thing is that will impress every metal fan out there. 

I think that the motto "Accept meets U.D.O." fits perfect with the overall sound here. Add some more hard rocking side (in the vain of early Bonfire) and there you have a great opus all the way. 

The first couple of tracks (Chasing The Shadows, Blood On Our Hands) are pure melodic metal stuff at its best. Powerful and heavy Euro music with strong arrangements, edgy guitars and with Mr. Reece's superb vocal lines on front row. "Judgement Day" is the first highlight of the new record. Moodier, heavy but, also, shows a more hard rocking side off this one is my personal favourite. Imagine a heavier Whitesnake and you'll get the picture. "Cacophony Of Souls", the furious metal anthem of "Metal Voice", "Over And Over" and "A Perfect World" are all superb samples of this new release. 

I think that David Reece with this new album achieved to release his best solo opus to date and one of the damn best records that has been involed with. If you love the classic melodic metal scene and bands such as Accept, U.D.O., Whitesnake or even Bangalore Choir (with a heavier pinch...), then "Cacophony Of Souls" is a must add to your collection. 

Songwriting : 8
Production : 8
Musicianship : 9
Songs : 9

Overall Rating : 8,5 / 10   

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