Tuesday, July 3, 2018

REVIEW : The Radio Sun --- Beautiful Strange (Pride & Joy Music, August 2018)

Australian melodic rockers The Radio Sun are back with a brand new album. "Beautiful Strange" is entitled their brand new opus that is gonna be released through Pride & Joy Music this August. Radio Sun is a very hard working band; with numerous gigs on its back, with already four full-length records and an experience that is guaranteed, it is ready to conquer this particular scene with "Beautiful Strange".
In "Beautiful Strange", the boys continue with the same recipe and that is big hooks, a crystal clear production (thanx to Paul Laine), crunchy guitars, beautiful melodies and choruses to die for. Simple like that!!!

The first killer tune out of the new record is without any doubt the anthemic and up-tempo "Believe In Me". Whoa, this one is pure melodic rock bliss at its highest order. The rhythm, the heavenly influenced melody and the chorus are pure candy in my ears. "Should Have Listened To My Heart" is yet another top moment here. Edgy and positive track that made me push the repeat button several times. It's a song that recalls back to the early Danger Danger days and in general is another highlight! The ultra commercial "As Long As You Want Me", the modern up-beat "Miss Wonderful" and the edgier "Have You Got What It Takes" are all three delicious melodic rock stuff!! With "Hearts On Fire" and  "Five Years After" you're gonna be hit by tons of positive emotions 'cause both tracks are super melodic. 

The Radio Sun is a band that knows perfectly how to deliver fell-good and up-beat music. "Beautiful Strange" is yet another killer record and, in my humble opinion, the perfect album for these hot summer nights!!!! 

Rating : 9/10

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