Saturday, May 5, 2018

REVIEW : Rain Or Shine – Seize The Night (Lions Pride Music, 2018)

The next big thing from the Greek melodic hard rock/AOR scene is called RAIN OR SHINE!!! But let's take things from the start. Rain Or Shine was originally formed in Greece back in 2013 by Steve S.R. and Andy R. McCormick. Both musicians had a strong background in the Greek melodic rock scene and they both participated in many projects/bands such as ”Perfume”, “Sex-Rated”, “Backstage Love” and “Wild Machine” to name a few. 
Back in 2013, Steve decided to record his debut album and Andy agreed to help him with the drums and the percussion. The album's title was Seize The Night and the band's name RAIN OR SHINE. The album was released in 2014 digitally through Bandcamp and the band was in search of a record deal. They also, released a lyric video for their single “Seize The Night” in May 2014, as well as an acoustic version of the song “Believe” in July 2014.

The band got in the studio in 2016 for the recordings of their second album while in June 2017 they signed with Lions Pride Music for the physical and digital release of their debut album “Seize The Night” which will be released in March 30th 2018! 

The first two songs of "Seize The Night", Fool's Paradise and It's A Crime, are just pure candy in my ears. Edgy melodic rock with attitude, some really cool guitar lines and passionate vocals. I really love those two starters!!!! "Believe" is groovier and features an excellent melodic line, hook and chorus line!!! "Heartbreak" rocks harder and it's again another killer track out of this album. "Seize The Night", the amazing "Spell I'm Under" (not the Winger song) and "All The Really Matters" are all three superb samples of pure and old-fashioned melodic (hard) rock stuff!!! 

Damn, this came out of nowhere and it really blew me out with its killer songs, great arrangements, superb guitar lines and its passionate performances. I really love each and every single of "Seize The Night". I'm positive that the same will happen to you after you listen to this gem.

Rating : 9,5/10

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