Sunday, May 6, 2018


Kickstarter Ritual is for sure not your ordinary rock band. A bit of stoner, punk rock, hard rock, metal, blues but in the end rock (that's all about) Kickstarter Ritual promises to take you for a ride in their world with their brand new album with the title "Ready To Take A Ride". 
This power trio recorded its debut EP back in 2014 with the title "Black Mama EP". The record was quite popular and the band managed to get a handful of gigs without quitting the songwriting process. The sounds became more refined and complex, so the trio released a catchy single for Christmas 2015: Cooperate. This song is a steady, sharp, galloping tune with a singalong chorus: still one of the main tracks at their live shows.

Kickstarter Ritual started recording their first opus, Ready to Take a Ride, in May 2017: the band did not lose its raw approach and sound and they managed to create an album that, with its eleven tracks, travels through several genres.

"Cooperate" which kicks-off this album is just great; classic rock stuff with attitude, heartfull vocals and loud! "Messin' Around", the rockin' "Too Old" and "The Man On The Hawling Machine" are all three solid samples of Kickstarter Ritual music. Imagine a smoky bar, tons of bourbon and Kickstarter Ritual in the corner to make some noise!!! The bluesier and groovier "Get It On" is one of the album's highlights while the fast-paced "The Cities Are Burning (with Rock 'n' Roll)" is just killer!!!   

I truly like this album a lot; Kickstarter Ritual is a band that sounds like the bastard son of Motorhead, The Cult and (in some parts) Warrior Soul without loosing their identity!!! So, the choice is up to you to check out this band and this solid effort. I assure you that it's gonna be a pleasant ride!

Rating : 8/10 

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