Friday, January 13, 2017

REVIEW : GOTTHARD -- Silver (2017)

Swiss legendary hard rock band of Gotthard celebrates its 25th anniversary with a brand new album titled "Silver". Gotthard is a band that stood the test of time, no doubt 'bout that! Even the time that their original shouter, Steve Lee, passed away, the band took the decision to move on. And after almost 6 years since this tragic lose of Lee, I believe that it was a wise decision for Gotthard to move on.

Nic Maeder fits perfectly with Gotthard and that's a thing that reflects in a unique way in "Silver". I'm not saying that "Silver" can beat any of Gotthard's earlier releases but as sure as hell this one is a damn solid album all the way equally to any of this legendary band earlier work.

The band is tight, the songs are all well-written and well-performed, the chemistry is still around and at the end this band is still alive and kickin' after all those years and that's a thing that counts the most!!!

"Silver Ride" kicks-off the new album and it's a classic Gotthard song! Heavy riffs, powerful vocals, includes catchy hooks and a catchier chorus line and the late 70's hard rock 'pinches' makes this tune a killer one!! "Stay With Me", the first single, is simply breathtaking!! It starts slowly with an amazing harmony and then, when it comes to the chorus, it transforms into a melodic hard rock monster with a superb chorus line!! "Beautiful" is just a beautiful more straight forward rocker that is built to be a big radio hit! "Reason For This" recalls the sound of 'Human Zoo' and 'Open' while in "Miss Me" we are dealing with another superb and extremely commercial tune. A radio-friendly rocker that must be played loud!!! "Only Love Is Real" is a good ballad and in "My Oh My" the band delivers a huge hard rock anthem!!! Harder, 'punchier' and with more attitude!!! Love it!!!

Gotthard with "Silver" nailed it and deliver another great record, period! "Silver" includes some killer tunes in it, big melodies, memorable choruses, passionate performances and most of all the spirit of Gotthard is still alive and kickin'!!!!

Rating : 8,5/10

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