Thursday, June 9, 2016

REVIEW : VISIONARY / Gabriel (2016) this is an album that is probably the most 'different' and 'difficult' record that I've listened to this year (so far). Visionary is the brain child of guitarist/composer Gabriel (Gabriel Gianelli). And when I'm saying 'difficult', I mean that the music here is not my ordinary Melodic Hard Rock/AOR or even Melodic Metal stuff.

It's a mix of rock, progressive, pop or even psychedelic that creates strange and beautiful emotions to the listener. This is how Gabriel envisions the project: “I see Visionary’ as the communication vehicle that I’ve embraced to push people into observing the beauty of life from a different perspective."

Sometimes this album reminds a bit of Kip Winger's debut solo effort (This conversation seems like a dream) and sometimes it's a ride through a beautiful rainbow that makes you wanna hear it again and again. For sure, it's not an album about boy meets girl (of course, there is nothing wrong 'bout it) or about brokenhearted people. It's deeper, it's darker, it's meaner with heart and soul and the artist wants to show, in my humble opinion, a different side of things through his music. The vocals are powerful, soulful and in some parts aggressive and the guitars are melodic, heavy with short but intense riffs. The arrangements are pretty solid and all the songs are having something 'different' to discover. I really caught myself unable to review each song separately. So, bottom line is that VISIONARY's debut is an album that must be checked out by any open minded rock fan out there.

Rating : 8,5/10  

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