Saturday, May 14, 2016

REVIEW : JORN / Heavy Rock Radio (2016)

One of today's best shouters, JORN, is back with a new album. A new record that Jorn covers classic tracks from classic bands in his own unique style. For those who know Jorn's works, it's clear that this very talented artist always loved to cover classic songs. Jorn, also, recorded a successful Ronnie James Dio tribute album, released in 2010.

"Heavy Rock Radio" is a great record all the way, it's a kinda of soundtrack that includes a bunch of some killer tunes in it. Jorn is doin', once again, an excellent job regarding the vocals and achieves to give an extra flavor to these timeless tracks.

Jorn in "Heavy Rock Radio" covers from John Farnham ("You're The Voice") to Iron Maiden!!!!!!! Yes, the variety of styles here is the cherry on top and the final result is sure that will please every single fan of the hard rock/pop-rock scene in general. One of the highlights here is the cover of J. Farnham's classic "You're The Voice". This track includes all the original magic in, plus a total Jorn-ized approach and there you have a killer song!!! I love "Running Up That Hill" from Kate Bush but I have to admit that I adore Jorn's version! More edgy, with Jorn's bad-ass performances, this song is a pure candy to my ears!!! Very interesting is the cover of Eagles "Hotel California". Another timeless tune, that was loved by many rock fans across the world, that Jorn put his trademark and rockets this gem into another dimension!! Excellent!! "Rainbow In The Dark" and "Stormbringer" are both performed perfectly, as the same goes with each song here!

This is an extremely interesting release by Jorn. The fact that is a cover album is nothing to be worried about, trust me! Jorn is a hell of a singer and "Heavy Rock Radio" proves that! Every song here is movin' to its original sound and Jorn the only thing that makes is to 'put' his incredible and remarkable voice. And as Jorn said : "The most important thing was to treat these songs with respect towards the original versions, my goal was always to think that the original artist would be honored and find my version relevant...."

Rating : 8,5/10

Jorn Lande: Vocals Trond Holter: Guitars Francesco Iovino: Drums Thomas Bekkevold: Bass Alessandro Del Vecchio: Keyboards

Track Listing :
01. I Know There's Something Going On
02. Running Up That Hill
03. Rev On The Red Line
04. You're The Voice
05. Live To Win
06. Don't Stop Believin'
07. Killer Queen
08. Hotel California
09. Rainbow In The Dark
10. The Final Frontier
11. Stormbringer
12. Die Young

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