Sunday, May 15, 2016

REVIEW : FIRST SIGNAL / One Step Over The Line (2016)

Back in 2010 something good started; Harry Hess of Harem Scarem and Dennis Ward of Pink Cream 69 decided to join forces and First Signal was born. Frontiers President Serafino Perugino presented Hess some Melodic Rock songs and the first chapter of First Signal took flesh and blood.

That record was, and still is, a damn fine piece of pure melodic rock bliss that featured some killer songs in it, amazing performances by Harry Hess, a tight as hell musicianship and, most of all, an early Harem Scarem sound that pleased every fan of this legendary band.

Nowadays the long awaited second opus is finally a reality and, if you loved the debut, then you will love this one too. Swedish producer Daniel Flores (FIND ME, THE MURDER OF MY SWEET etc.), handles the production here and the guest list of musicians is once again impressive! Michael Palace on guitars and bass, Daniel Flores on drums and keyboards, Darren Smith, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Nigel Bailey, Rolf Pilotti and Angelica Rylin compose the musicians that rockets "One Step Over The Line" to heaven!!!

With "Love Run Free", the opener, we have the first winner! Smooth and beautiful melodic rock stuff with Hess's powerful voice on front row and a memorable chorus line to die for! The melodic parade continues with the 'edgy' "Love Gets Through" and the fantastic mellower "Broken" while in "Minute Of Your Time" we have another 'punchy' AOR gem with a sing-a-long chorus!! "She's Getting Away" is another excellent sample of pure Arena Hard Rock stuff with great arrangements, a catchy as hell chorus and solid performances! The modern melodic AOR tune of "December Rain" steals the show and the Harem Scarem-esque "Weigh In Me" will be adored by each and every fan of the Canadian rockers.

First Signal returns to business with this genius melodic rock masterpiece! One of this year's best Melodic Rock/AOR albums that will blow your mind!  

Rating : 10/10

Track Listing :
1. Love Run Free
2. Love Gets Through
3. Still Pretending
4. Broken
5. Kharma
6. Minute Of Your Time
7. She Is Getting Away
8. December Rain
9. Weigh Me In
10. Pedestal
11. One Step Over The Line

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