Saturday, May 30, 2015

REVIEW : BEAUVOIR FREE / American Trash (2015)

Two veterans of the melodic hard rock scene, Jean Beauvoir and Micki Free, join their forces to release a new album with the title "American Trash". Best known as the driving force behind the legendary Crown of Thorns self-titled debut album in 1994, Jean Beauvoir and Micki Free’s collective credits read like a “who’s-who” Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, with a list of collaborations that includes the likes of the Ramones, KISS, Debbie Harry, The Pretenders, John Waite, Lionel Richie, N'Sync, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Bill Wyman, Carlos Santana and Prince to name but a few.

We both feel this CD is some of the best work we have done, right up their next to the Crown of Thorns debut” concludes Jean. “We want to get out on the road and bring it to the fans. We receive a lot of enquires of when are you guys coming back out on tour and people telling us they can't wait to hear the new material. Frankly we can’t wait for our fans to hear American Trash as well!”

To be honest with you here, I was looking forward to this release and after the first spin of the "American Trash" all my expectations were fulfilled. This is a very good album that includes a bunch of some killer tunes, very good performances, a late 80's vibe and at the end achieves to leave a sweet taste.

"Just Breath" is a simply beautiful and very emotional ballad, "Shotgun To The Heart" brings back memories from the golden days of the so-called 'Pop-Metal' sound, "American Trash" grooves very good, "It's Never Too Late" grabs you with its AOR-ish 'pinches' and its amazing chorus line and in "There's No Starting Over" we are dealing with yet another killer track!

Very 80's and extremely interesting album from start to finish! No filler in sight, just pure U.S. melodic hard rock stuff with the signature of Jean Beauvoir and Micki Free. Taste it! 
Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
Angels Cry; Morning After; American Trash; Whiplash; Just Breathe; Shotgun To The Heart; Never Give Up; Cold Dark December; It's Never Too Late; She's A Ko; There's No Starting Over.

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