Friday, November 14, 2014

RED ZONE RIDER / Red Zone Rider (2014)

Red Zone Rider is yet another super group that promises to rock our world with its old- fashioned bluesy hard rock sound. The band consists of the extraordinary guitarist Vinnie Moore (UFO), singer Kelly Keeling (Baton Rouge, MSG, George Lynch) and drummer Scot Coogan (Lita Ford, Ace Frehley, Brides Of Destruction) and this is their debut release.

After the first spin of 'Red Zone Rider', the first thing that comes in your mind is that this is a very good band that IS trying to revile the classic sound of Led Zeppelin, Cream, with a strong dose of Badlands. And, to be honest, I think that at the end achieve to sound like a great mix of the above mentioned superb bands.

Just take a listen to the really awesome groovy and bluesy opener tune of "Hell No" that kicks-off the thing here in such a great way. An impressive start, no doubt 'bout that! "By The Rainbow's End" is another highlight from the new record; Vinnie Moore's guitar lines are the cherry on top and Keeling delivers some powerful performances in this solid track. "Cloud Of Dreams" is simply a breathtaking blues ballad while in "Never Trust A Woman" (....clever title) we are dealing with a monstrous Zeppelin-ish song and, of course, one of the album's favorite tracks!! Stunning!!

Bottom line is that Red Zone Rider is not your ordinary super group 'cause they are achieve to combine perfectly the 70's blues rock sound with the classic hard rock sound of the 80's and finally to release a record that will impress!! High quality blues hard rock.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5 /10

Track Listing :
1. Hell No
2. By The Rainbow’s End
3. House Of Light
4. Cloud Of Dreams
5. Save It
6. Never Trust A Woman
7. Obvious
8. The Hand That Feeds You
9. Hit The Road
10. There’s A Knowing
11. Count’s 77

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