Saturday, November 15, 2014

LAWLESS / R.I.S.E. (2014)

Allow me to start this review by saying that I really enjoyed the band's debut release, "Rock Savage". That was a fine piece of solid melodic hard rock stuff with plenty of melodies, a raw sound and some well-crafted tracks that rocked my world.

So, nowadays, LAWLESS is back with its next step which is entitled "R.I.S.E.". After the release of "Rock Savage" the band started touring in many festivals had a large radio exposure and started also working on new material and the result is this new very good second effort.

The sound here is movin' to the same classic hard rock paths as in the debut, and that means powerful vocals, strong choruses, melodies and very good guitar work. Also, the sound is a bit more updated and finally makes the final result a very enjoyable listening for every hard rock fan out there. "Pain" kicks-off thing here with a fast and furious heavy riffing and Paul Hume's in-your-face performances. "Song For A Friend" is a very nice and so emotional ballad while in "Kiss My Glass" we have a really great and with lots of attitude heavy party-rock anthem that will please the more US Hair Metal fans out there!! "How Long" is a song that will grab you at once with it's impressive guitar riff and the ala-Dio/Rainbow-esque feeling! For sure, one of the album's highlights! Just check out the catchy tune of "Diamond In The Rough".

All in all, "R.I.S.E." is yet another solid effort by Lawless! Very good and well-crafted songs and a tight musicianship in a record that will please each and every single fan of the hard 'n' heavy scene in general!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
1. 1914 (Ghosts of No Man's Land)
2. Pain
3. Rise
4. Twisted and Burned
5. Song for a Friend
6. Kiss My Glass
7. Dead Man Walking
8. Heavens Raining
9. How Long
10. Diamond in the Rough
11. Is This the End of the World

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