Saturday, July 19, 2014

STATE OF SALAZAR / All The Way (2014)

This is the band's debut album after the solid EP, "Lost My Way", that was released back in 2012 and received positive feedback both from press and fans. Here is what the press wrote about State Of Salazar's EP : “This is something that can grow really big.” “...State Of Salazar will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of the genre.” “…this EP is an extremely polished piece of art...” “The performances and the production are superb…” etc.

So, enough with the past; nowadays State Of Salazar is going to release its brand new album which is entitled "All The Way". What we are gonna hear here is a mix of pure 80's AOR stuff in the vain of bands such as TOTO, Survivor and Journey with a strong dose of Westcoast but also some touches of pop-rock for the extra flavor. The performances are passionate, the guitar lines tasty, the rhythm section solid but most of the songs in "All The Way" are all well-crafted with infectious hooks and choruses that makes you wanna sing-a-long.

The opening tune of "I Believe In You" is pure candy in my ears; melodic, up-tempo with a contagious harmony and a chorus line to whistle for days. Brilliant stuff! The same goes with songs like "Field Of Dreams", "All The Way" and "Catastrophe". All three are pure heaven with catchy hooks and choruses, great arrangements and the sure thing is that will put a wide smile upon the face of every serious AOR fan out there. Of course, there are some really impressive and very emotional ballads like "Love Of My Life" and "End Of Time". The TOTO-esque "Marie" and "Adrian" are true highlights!!!

A true AOR masterpiece, no doubt 'bout that! This is the AOR album of this year so far for me! Heavenly influenced melodies, hooks and choruses to die for, a feel-good vibe all over the album and plenty of talent makes "All The Way" the AOR album of 2014, period!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
I Believe In You; Field of Dreams; All the Way; Love of My Life; Eat Your Heart Out; Time to Say Goodbye; Marie; Let Me Love; Catastrophe; Always; Adrian; End of Time

Marcus Nygren – Vocals
Johan Thuresson – Guitar
Stefan MÃ¥rtenson – Keyboard
Johannes Hansson – Bass
Kristian Brun – Drums

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