Thursday, March 20, 2014

KXM / s/t (2014)

The letter K is from KORN's Ray Luzier, X is from KING'S X dUg Pinnick and the last one, M, is from LYNCH MOB'S guitar legend George Lynch. So, KXM is a new exciting band that has all the elements from the above mentioned bands plus a more modern twist and there you have a great record all the way!

One could easily conjure up infinite speculations as to what the musical direction would ultimately sound like, as all three of these noted musicians bring years of influence to the writing table, but as Ray Luzier best describes it: “When you throw it all together, it’s unique, it’s today sounding, but all of our history and all of our past clearly speaks through the music”.

KXM sound is not far away from what you expect from a King's X album; the strong bass lines, dUg Pinnick's trademark vocal lines and....wait a moment...George Lynch's amazing guitar work!! Ray Luzier fills the sound here with his big and double-kick drumming and make KXM's sound bigger and groovier! "Rescue Me" is the album's first highlight; amazing guitar work, a strong rhythm section and a nice groove in this superb track! "Faith Is A Room" is a 'modern' rock monster! It has a feel-good vibe, some really inspired guitar licks, funkier at moments, and overall this is a great tune!! "Never Stop" is a laid-back mid-tempo that features a really cool acoustic guitar parts, soul-full vocal lines and this is my personal favorite track from the whole album! "I'll Be Ok" is the most Lynch Mob influenced track here. Everything here is perfect; the bass lines, the drumming, the guitar parts...oh my God, the guitar parts are simply awesome!!!

Brilliant debut album!! Those three extremely talented musicians achieved to create a so tight record! KXM's debut release includes a bunch of some great modern rock tracks that make the whole project a fabulous listening experience! From hard rock to funk, from groove to some modern rock paths, KXM's debut album has it all to make every serious rock fan out there proud! 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
01. Stars
02. Rescue Me
03. Gunfight
04. Never Stop
05. Faith Is A Room
06. I’ll Be Ok
07. Sleep
08. Love
09. Burn
10. Do It Now
11. Human Friction
12. Tranquilize (Bonus Track)
13. Rescue Me (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track)

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