Tuesday, March 25, 2014

EVENOIRE / Herons (2014)

Evenoire's debut album, "Vitriol" in 2012, was a fine piece of symphonic/gothic metal stuff that included some really amazing performances, a tight musicianship and a bunch of some very good songs. And, if "Vitriol" was centered on “water” themes, this new album focuses on “fire” and all those mythological creatures that represent it.

So, what to expect from the new album? "Herons" is movin' to the same symphonic/Gothic metal paths as their debut but with a strictly more heavier approach this time. Lisy Stefanoni's vocal lines are once again the band's biggest weapon and the guitar parts are another impressive thing. Heavy riffs with a some really impressive solos, great arrangements and a tight musicianship. Take for example "Drops Of Amber" and you'll understand what I'm talking about. This is a perfect sample of EVENOIRE's music. Heavy, poetic with a cinematographic vibe, beautiful melodies and superb performances. When we are talking about pure atmospheric symphonic metal, then "Love Enslaves" is the absolute highlight!! "Tears Of Medusa" is yet another big moment from the new album; a more straight forward rocker that features amazing and powerful performances, an inspired guitar work and some solid arrangements. "Devil's Signs" has an updated, modern metal vibe while in "Wild Females" the Gothic/ethnic elements are in front row in this excellent tune.  

I really enjoyed the band's debut album a lot. But this time EVENOIRE are taking their sound a step forward! Yes, they achieve to release a better album all the way full of beautiful melodies, more attitude, better songs, a tighter sound, awesome performances and great arrangements!! Well done!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
Drops Of Amber
Seasons Of Decay
Love Enslaves
The Newborn Spring
When The Sun Sets
Tears Of Medusa (feat. Linnéa Vikström)
Devil’s Signs
The Lady Of The Game
Wild Females
Aries (Bonus Track)

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